Great customer service is essential in every industry, especially Real Estate. The Real Estate marketing trends to watch for in 2016 that focus on serving your customers well, are:

  • Attracting younger customers
  • Making goals to improve sales
  • Word of mouth advertising and using gifts to enhance customer service
  • Understanding and using statistics to improve business practices

Real Estate Marketing Trends are important nuggets of information you should focus on this year, and every year, to increase your sales.

Bringing in Younger Customers

Understanding the millennial generation and their profound use of the internet and mobile technologies will help you target this audience with your own creative marketing plan.

Keep in mind that about 30% of first time home buyers are from “Generation Y.”


Evaluating and Adjusting Sales Goals to Meet your Needs

It’s rare for real estate agents to sit down and actually prepare a written business plan and set annual goals. Instead they wing it and hope for a certain amount of sales per month.

Planning to score on high dollar homes is a risk. Financial security is the reward of steady and consistent sales of the average home.

Create an action plan that will get you through the months where your sales are lower that normal.


Repeat after me: Real Estate provides the highest return, the greatest value, and the least risk. – Armstrong Williams


Customer Service and Gifting

Just selling clients their dream home isn’t enough. People want to feel special.

Taking customer service to the next level will increase your chances of referrals, and in return gaining you more business.

Here are a few things to increase your likability and prove that you aren’t only in the game for the sale:

  • Write “Thank You” Notes
  • Send them “Occasion” Cards
  • Personalized and  meaningful gifts
  • Show interest in their Family
  • Remember the small things

Improving Business Practices Through Analysis of Statistics

Be smart and educate yourself. There are some interesting statistics that you should use when searching for homes to share with your buyers.

There is a study called the “Starbucks Effect.” It has found that homes near this coffee house statistically sell better and have a higher increase in value than similar homes not located near a Starbucks. Something to think about.

Using statistics and popular culture, and applying your knowledge creatively to your marketing plan,  should increase your sales.


The more you know about different Real Estate Marketing Trends, the better prepared you are for meeting your 2016 sales goals.

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