Dogs are increasingly becoming a huge part of our lives. They are just as part of your family as your own kids!

When seeking a new home, you want to consider a safe neighbourhood with trails, parks and schools for your kids, as well as friendly, safe, and fun Dog Parks in Durham Region for your pooch.

Making sure these amenities are in a specific neighbourhood could help you decide if it’s the right location for your entire family!

I am excited to share the best 10 Pooch-Approved Dog Parks in Durham Region!

1. Harmony Valley Dog Park

Harmony Valley Dog Park in Oshawa, ON is one of the best Dog Parks in Durham Region!

With walking trails through the forest, flowing creeks for your dog to have fresh drinks and a clean cool down, a giant open space for your dogs to meet up with their friends, and constant maintenance, this park provides 25+ acres of ample fun for the entire family!

Check out Harmony Valley’s Dog Park Calendar Photo Entries here!

Directions to Harmony Valley Dog Park.

Dog Parks in Durham Region

Screenshot – Map of Greenwood Conservation Area

2 & 3. Ajax Leash-Free Dog Parks

Ajax has 2 Leash-Free Dog Parks that are worth checking out:

  • Greenwood Conservation Area –  has great trails through the forest and along Duffin’s Creek. If your dog loves to swim, he may also enjoy fishing. WATCH OUT for the Salmon that run through here!
  • Westney Road South Fenced Dog Park – provides chairs for the humans to socialize, and a large fenced area for your dogs to socialize as well. Located South on Westney Road, adjacent to the Tim Horton’s! 

Read and follow the rules of these parks at your convenience.

Directions to Greenwood Conservation Area

4. Grand Valley Dog Park

Grand Valley Dog Park in Pickering, ON caters to both big and small pups with two separate designated off-leash areas. Located on the Third Concession, west of Valley Farm Road you will find the small parking lot at the dead end road.

Milo & Guinness having fun in the snow!

Brian's pup, Milo and Crystal's pup Guinness are awesome together! Watch them play at Grand Valley Dog Park in Pickering.

Posted by PixelSmith on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Learn more about this park with this FREE information pamphlet.

Directions to Grand Valley Dog Park

5. Colonel Danforth Park

Technically located in the very East of Toronto, this park offers fabulous scenery. With 9 bike trails, 5 picnic sites, washrooms, drinking fountains and 2 parking lots, the possibilities are endless for family fun!

Your dogs will love the new smells and fun water ways before they even get to the off-leash area!

Directions to Colonel Danforth Park

Dog Parks in Durham Region

Guinness Sunbathing – Photo from Crystal Rice

6. Rotary Park

Rotary Park in Ajax, ON at the mouth of Duffins Creek is a major focal point of the Waterfront Trail.

Although not off-leash, there are huge open fields to play without worry. Your pups can go down to the water of Lake Ontario to cool off or sunbath in the warm Summer sun.

Directions to Rotary Park


7. Whitby Off-Leash Dog Park South

Catering to the Whitby Shores Neighbourhood, this park is extremely clean and well maintained. Located just North of Victoria Street West on Jeffrey Street, this off-leash park is hilly, guaranteeing your dogs to obtain ample exercise!

Directions to Whitby Off-Leash Dog Park South

8. Heber Down Conservation Area

This Conservation Area is a hidden gem in Whitby, ON. North of Taunton Road, this park offers family fun, an abundance of dog fun, and is a great place for photography (of you or your fur-babies!)

Directions to Heber Down Conservation Area

9. Westside Creek Dog Park

Located in Bomanville, ON, this park has 3 acres of space for your dog to run around in! Bring your Chuck It and go nuts!

Westside Creek has a separate small dog area including benches for human convenience.

Directions to Westside Creek Dog Park

Dog Parks in Durham Region

Frenchman’s Bay, Pickering

10. Frenchman’s Bay

At Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering, ON your pooch can enjoy an endless amount of running and swimming! If your dog’s favourite activity is swimming, it doesn’t get better than this!

Learn about the amenities that are at this park.

Directions to Frenchman’s Bay

If you are seeking a home in close vicinity to Dog Parks in Durham Region or any other dog amenities such as pet stores or groomers, contact me for more information about different locations. I will do my best to provide you the information you are looking for.

Travelling and need a complete list of safe and friendly Dog Parks in Durham Region and surrounding areas of Ontario? Visit!

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